Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Late Night Tea - Infinitea : Uptown Minneapolis MN

Photo on 2010-12-01 at 22.53
Adam, Francesca and I enjoy a some late night tea and art conversation

There's nothing like a cup of tea and some art making with some good friends.
Unless it's a bottomless cup of tea at one of your favorite tea houses.

Infinitea (2827 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408) is one of the great tea places here in Minneapolis. Over the last several months, Francesca and I have grown to love their diverse selections of awesome looseleaf teas. We've been to a couple of the fantastic Tea Tastings, which are run by a great (and very knowledgeable) one of the staff, David. We've also been in there to relax a couple of times, too.

Tonight i was feeling crappy and drained, and after making a couple calls back and forth, we decided to get together and go out for a little bit. Francesca and Adam and I closed the place down - lots of tea drinking, sketching, and digital painting went on tonight, which was awesome on many levels.

Photo on 2010-12-01 at 22.54
Tea Membership Cards for the Month of December!

Besides that, Infinitea is now offering a monthly tea membership card. For $30 you can have unlimited tea for the entire month of December. For people like us, that is a dream come true. Besides that fact that it's a great deal, I almost feel like we're on some elite list - like we just won a lottery or something - or maybe like we are suddenly getting some special treatment. (not like they don't treat us wonderfully anyway!)

Photo on 2010-12-01 at 22.58 #3
Francesca and I are toasting to a our new bottomless cups of tea!

Before the night was through, Francesca and I drank a large tea each, and had one for the road.

I had the Roasted Citrus Something (shoot, I don't entirely remember...) for my first cup of tea, then the Formosa Silver White Tea or something for my second cup.
The name of that second cup of tea used to be Formosa Superior Taifu or something, (so many changes!) so now I totally don't remember....

Francesca also had the Formosa, and then topped off her cup on the way out with Rose Melange White Tea (right?).

Who even knows what Adam got tonight - he is not normally a tea drinker, but he was there! And he was drinking tea! AND, almost more importantly, he was making art and drinking tea at the same time!

Photo on 2010-12-01 at 22.53 #2
Adam draws stuff in front of a great wall of Infinitea Christmas-time cuteness

Infinitea is awesome for 1000000 reasons. Besides the fact that I got to have a perfectly steeped cup of tea (or two) and I got to hang out with my best friends.

Bonus : I finally ran into my sister, Victoria, while I was there! She is awesome and I always seem to miss her on the days she gets a tea there! It was awesome to see her, too! :)

Zen Cha Tea Salon - Tea and Bubbles in Columbus Ohio

Zen Cha Tea Salon's Cute sign

On the Third day of our visit to see Ryan in Columbus, we happened upon a cute tea shop called Zen Cha Tea Salon.

982 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 421-2140

We were walking along a cute street called High Street, which seemed to be in a particularly trendy area in Columbus. I was surprised at the amount of well-cared for and really well merchandised and stocked shops! There were quite a few shops of the Anthropologie-esque variety, and a couple more shops like a cute vintage place and a chocolate shop that sold bon bons and truffles.

Left to Right - Silver Needles White Tea , house Pu Erh Tea

A couple doors in from the corner was Zen Cha Tea Salon. Noone in our party had been there before, so we were unsure of what we'd find. We walked in and were seated at a little square table near the front of the room. It was a pretty spacious place, with 15 or so small tables. A College game must have just gotten out right after we sat down, because the room was soon filled with mobs of people.

Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls

The menu was a mixed bag of traditional tea as well as some custom house sweet teas and a handful of bubble teas. Chris went straight for the Milk Tea, Jenny got the Silver Needles White tea, I got their house Pu erh tea, and Ryan wanted something called Pudding Milk tea, and ended up changing his mind and going for Caramel Milk Tea.

Caramel Milk Tea

Chris's Milk Tea was quite sweet, but good. He really liked it - in fact, it's "exactly what he was looking for" The pearls were also done well, not too squishy, and unflavored.

Ryan's Caramel Milk tea was a hot drink that came in a tiny pot - it looked really rich, and was really sweet. The server had told us it was probably the most dessert-like tea on the menu aside from the Pudding Milk Tea (which is still a mystery).

Jenny's tea was super light. The server had steeped and poured her first cup, which looked no more like tea than a cup of mildly discolored water. You can really see the difference between the really deep color of the Pu Ehr tea I had in the picture above. Hers was a little floral in taste, but really light and good.

A Cute Tea Setting for Jenny's Silver Needles

My Pu Ehr tea was awesome. I had a conversation with some people at one of our local tea houses last week about the weird descriptions that seem to fit the interesting flavors of Pu Ehr. This one was a little "Barn-y" - which to most people wouldn't sound appetizing at all. It was really smooth with no bitter aftertaste. It came in a tiny cake inside a small ceramic pot. I oversteeped my second cup because I'm way too slow at my tea-intake, but it was great either way!

Awesome place. I'd definitely visit again if I were looking to relax in a nice quiet atmosphere for a while. The staff was really nice and helpful. If you are looking to spend at least a half hour at a tea place where they care about the quality of your drink, this is a great place.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bubbles - Bubble tea in Columbus Ohio


Chris and I went to visit our friend Ryan in his new home city of Columbus Ohio.
We spent Thanksgiving over there and besides being lured by the promise of some of Ryan's home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, - we were told there would be bubble tea.

It's been a while since I've had a good Bubble Tea.


The second day we were in Columbus, Ryan took us to the North Market, which is an amazing indoor market, filled with tons of different vendors. There were fresh baked bread places, a couple pastry shops, a place that sold home-made ravioli, and right in the middle of everything was Bubbles Tea and Juice Company.


I got a milk tea, which was a little less sweet than some of the other milk teas I've had at different bubble tea places. It was fantastic. Overall, it was just the right consistency, not too sweet, a really great creamy light brown color, and the pearls, (although a little bit soggy) weren't too weird and starchy.


I liked it so much that we made sure to go back the last day of our trip and get a large Milk Tea before I left. I definitely recommend it! They did a great job and the baristas were really nice, too!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Seattle: Big Orange

rose milk tea and watermelon orange strawberry slush

Big Orange is a Canadian bubble tea chain. Fortunately, the US has ONE, in Seattle, WA at the Southcenter Mall. My sister and I frequented it during our visit. The milk tea is very good–not too sweet, but sweet enough–and any of the fruit drinks are made with real fruit. Not to mention the tops are really cute! Aside from the rose milk tea, which is my personal favorite, I've also tried and recommend the japanese green milk tea, especially if you're more in favor of tea than sugar.
So go check them out! Tell them to bring more to the States!


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